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What is the Difference Between the Different Size of Adhesive Tape?

Dec. 29, 2017 | 00:00:00

40 micron is common quality, it is an economical option. perfect for home and office needs.  Used to easy packing cardboard box.


45 micron is medium quality, used to pack box weight no more than 20kg light and medium weight corrugated boxes packaging.


50 micron thickness Applications: In industry where packaging needs requiring high adhesion and resistance. Designed to support weights up to an average of 30 kg.


55 micron thickness super quality , Designed to support weights up to 35 kg average.

Extra strong eco-friendly packing. Dust box or with oil box also should need 55 micron super adhesion tape.


50 yards length is most popular use at office or home.

100 yards length is industrial tape, most used to sealing carton and packaged goods in shipping or storage.

1000 yards length used to automatic sealing carton machines.

What is the Difference Between the Different Size of Adhesive Tape?



1,  When use tape sealing cartons/ boxes, Please make sure the surface of carton/ box is completely free of contaminants.  No water, No Oil, make its in dry and clean, not dusty.


2,  48mm width tape used for packing standard sizes cardboard box.

if pack heavy box, we recommend that you use 72mm / 75mm width of tape and with higher thickness.


3,  if packing ice cream or food and put the box into the refrigeration storage, You must choose 55 thickness with super adhesiveness.


Our company is professional manufacturer of adhesive packing tape. We produce all major materials (include the acrylic adhesive) by ourselves to control the quality with lowest cost. Our adhesive tape with higher adhesiveness, Especially 50- 55 micron thickness, it is our superiority.

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